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Confluence Distilling

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History of Confluence Distilling

The Confluence tale began over 10 years ago, in Ross Alger’s backyard.

Surrounded by friends with a 10 lb. bag of Russets, some boiling water, bakers yeast and crossed fingers, Ross began his journey into the world of distilling. Although the first (few) batches didn’t turn out too well, Ross was steadfast in his desire to craft a spirit from scratch.

After years of small batch experimentation, studying the science of craft distillation and a degree in engineering, Ross fine tuned his spirits to create a taste unrivaled.

So once again, Ross crossed his fingers and gathered his closest friends to lay down the foundations of Confluence Distilling.

Craft Spirits

We focus on Clear Spirits, namely Gin & Vodka. We create a new spirit every few weeks, for a limited time. Unique flavour that everyone can enjoy!
We will be soon releasing an Aquavit, Amaro, and a Vermouth.

Distillery Atmosphere 

Intimate cocktail lounge, a contemporary design made to make you feel right at home. We love to create for cocktail connoisseurs and novices alike, and love to share our passion with everyone.

Distillery Hours

Thursday: 5PM - 11PM
Friday: 5PM - Late
Satuday: 2PM - Late
Sunday: 2PM - 9PM 


Distillery Location

507 36th AVE SE, Calgary, AB