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Dagaraad Brewing

Dageraad Brewing

Dageraad Brewing entered a very competitive West Coast craft beer market when it bottled its first craft beer bottle back in the spring of 2014. Although it was faced with the prospect of competition from brewers that were more experienced and had been in the market longer, Dageraad Brewing managed to wow consumers and craft beer aficionados with their impressive beer, which enabled them to stand out in the already saturated market.  As one of the only breweries in the West Coast that exclusively produces Belgian style beer, Dageraad has etched a place for itself in the market.

As a brewery that is focused on creating sophisticated and exceptional beers, Dageraad has been part of the new wave of breweries interested in making beer in the favorite styles of the beer masters. In a West Coast landscape that is mainly dominated by hoppy pale ales and West Coast IPAs, Dagerrad took a different approach and dared to utilize the traditional methods of making beer which always produce the highest quality, beautiful and complexly flavored craft beers. 

Dagaraad Namesake

Dageraad, which when translated means Sunrise or daybreak was created by owner and head brewer Ben Coli, who decided to focus on Belgian brews because of their complexity and variety.  The first Belgian-style brewery in the province, Dageraad started out with 12 hl brew set up and a 6% Amber, and a 7.5% Belgian blonde. 

Initially, the beers were only available for enjoyment on tap and out of a bottle, but since the opening of the tasting room that occurred only recently, drinkers looking for a brewery experience can now enjoy the beers on site at the tasting room.  Unfortunately, because the Belgian style brews are extremely sensitive to the levels of carbonation in a growler, the tasting room does not do growler refills.

Dagaraad Tasting Room

The new tasting room is extremely intimate at a capacity to only seat 40 people.  The room has a small well-located sales counter, seats and sufficient room for standing as you wait for glass refills or as you chat alongside other patrons.  The tasting room offers the signature Belgian Pale Ale and Blonde Ale on tap, however, every once in a while, it is possible to find seasonal offerings if you are lucky.

Recently, the brewery collaborated with Steamworks, which is also based in Burnaby to create East of East Van, which is a Saison brewed with white pepper and black lime, as well as Westminster brewer Steel and Oak to create an American IPA known as the Suburbs.