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Deep Cove Winery | Formally Muse Winery

Deep Cove Winery – Your Next Destination

Muse Winery

Are you struggling with figuring out your next wine-infused destination in Canada? Well, look no further because we are here to present you with one of the most prominent Victoria wineries – Deep Cove Winery. Victoria wine is famous with its density and abundant aroma, but that’s not all that you can take advantage of at this specific locale. Deep Cove Winery is perfectly good for hosting a wide range of different events, from private parties to corporate gatherings and whatnot. With all this being said, let’s go ahead and take a quick look at the things that you might want to take into account.


The Deep Cove Winery Tale


Now, Jane and Peter Ellmann first bought the estate back in 2008. With years of profound and deep hospitality, savvy betwixt, food as well as beverage abundance, the dynamic duo decided that it’s time to found their own dream. This is how the Muse Winery was born after the couple decided to go on and rename the entire estate.


The vineyards are located north of Victoria, and they are growing happily, so to speak, under the warm and beneficial sun of the Saanich Peninsula. This particular Victoria winery is known to selecting sorts from the vineyards which are notable and reputable located in other regions of the entire Vancouver Island as well. This is what has enabled them to gather a fine and rich collection of grapes which are most definitely of the highest quality.


Private Events

It offers a particularly beautiful and picturesque setting for events of all different kinds. From the rather warm and open space provided by the Bacchus Room and to the vineyard terrace, the Deep Cove can offer the absolute flawless setting for your particular special event. What is more, the estate has an in-house caterer who is responsible for everything to run as smoothly as it’s possible.


The menus offer mouth-watering choices which are going to cater to all of the different tastes. So, basically, from weddings to private parties and corporate gatherings, this particular Victoria winery is without a doubt the perfect location to host different events. It has all the right things to attribute to the overly good experience which is absolutely essential for an event of any kind, regardless of whether it’s consisted of 5 or 50 people.  You'll love this little winery on your way to the ferry.