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De Vine Distillery

Devine Distillery Tour


Note: No Longer Open for Tasting.  Wine Shop Only Monday to Friday.

The Devine Distillery is one of the premier Vineyards in the Saanich Peninsula, producing both awards winning wines and spirits. A family owned outfit; Devine is famous for producing organic wine from grapes grown using natural methods without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Grapes are picked by hand to maintain their integrity and processed using tried and tested traditional techniques that ensure maximum extraction of the grape’s flavours. As a result, spirits from Devine are famous for their rich taste, delightful aromas and a mix of flavours that will delight any palate. Set in beautiful surroundings overlooking spectacular views and worth stopping by just for the view.

Devine Vines

Devine History

Devine was created by John and Cathy Windsor in 2007 out of a 25-acre piece of land located in Saanichton on the Saanich Peninsula land. Originally a grape farm supplying organic grapes to local wineries, the decision was soon made to open an onsite winery and experiment with various types of grape varietals to see which ones would thrive. Early grape varieties included Pinot Gris and Noir, along with the Austrian white grape Gruner Veltliner. The winery has since diversified to include other varietals over the years. The first vintage was produced in 2009, and today, the farm produces over 2000 cases of wine which are sold in the winery’s store as well as well as in selected stores around the Peninsula and neighbouring cities. The Distillery offers a wide array of spirits including four types of gin, rum, and flavoured brandies.

Wines and Wine Tasting

-No longer offered.

Devine Distillery Offers is a well-known Victoria Winery offering unmatched tasting experiences as well as the opportunity to purchase your favourite alcoholic beverage.  Spirits and Distillery Visit

Devine spirits are made from a variety of ingredients including grapes, malted barley, honey, spices, berries, botanicals and fruit. 99% of the ingredients are sourced locally in order to support local farmers and are processed in the Devine Distillery German Copper Still, Brunhilde, to give you fine gins, flavoured brandies and other high-quality spirits. Popular offerings include Vin Gin, New Tom Gin, Honey Shine, Pomme Brandy and the Glen Saanich Single Malt.

On a wine tour with Canadian Craft tours, you can expect try a few other wineries in the area but for the time being De Vine is closed for tour groups and tasting.

With spectacular views, exemplary service and great wines and spirits, a trip to buy spirits from their wine shop is always worth it. You can be sure that any tours you take to the Saanich Peninsula wine region will be time well spent and with Canadian Craft Tours by your side, you can discover the best that Saanich has to offer.

You can visit De Vine's website here.

Devine View