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Fraser Valley Cider

Fraser Valley Cider (Langley)

Group tasting at Fraser Valley Cider

The story behind the formation and setup of Fraser Valley Cider Company is one of adventure and new beginnings. Today, 2 years after the site of the Cidery was identified and proposed, the 12 acre farm on which it stands is home to an orchard of 1800 trees. To produce the highest quality cider on a consistent basis, 25 different cider apples of French and English origin constitute the plantation. It has been a long journey getting to this point where people from all over the world look forward to enjoying a cold cider from Fraser Valley Cider on a sunny day.

Apart from the more than 8 flavors of cider available on the retail market, Fraser Valley Cider Company offers much more to its customers;

Fraser Valley Cider Tasting room

From May 2016, visitors to the Fraser Valley Cider Company have had the opportunity to taste ciders made from this Cidery. Aimed at serving the Lower Midland, having a tasting center gives more people an opportunity to enjoy cider. If you have never had cider in your life, the sampler is recommended to awaken your senses. You will find yourself buying a bottle, then two, or three, or even more because your taste buds keep asking for more. Every taste of Fraser Valley Cider has a story and luckily the person you have serving you the cider during the Fraser Valley Wine Tour is not only experienced in assessing quality but sharing information as well.

Lovely scenery

People want to spend their free time in a place that inspires them as well as excites their visual senses. If you are looking for such a place, the Fraser Valley Cider is that place. The orchard is a cool outdoor space to enjoy a sandwich during the summer washing it down with cider. The growth at which this place is expanding is both inspiring and comforting for would be visitors because it means more space for them to carry out their activities.

Langley has found its first Cidery and while this might seem like an activity to indulge in designer brew, it is also an opportunity to learn, explore and experience different organic food processes. This company is a startup for the industry and now unlike before, people have an alternative to other brews and beverages available in the market. This is a perfect destination for families, corporate wine tour, and individuals seeking to have a good time.

Wine and Cider Are Similar

Making wine and cider both require the process of fermentation; this occurs when sugar is converted into alcohol by yeast. During the first stage of fermentation, sugar molecules are turned into ethanol where yeast feeds on the sugars contained in liquids like grape juice, fruit or apples. In both processes, specific types of yeast strains are chosen to produce the desired results. Whether you’re making wine or cider, the result should be a drink that has that right balance - not too sweet, yet not too dry. This can be achieved through careful monitoring of temperature and other factors during fermentation. Finally, both wines and ciders may need to be bottled and/or aged over several months or even years before they are ready to enjoy!