Fuggles & Warlock - CANADIAN CRAFT TOURS
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Fuggles & Warlock

Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks

Fuggles & Warlock Brewing

Fuggles has some of most popular BC craft beers.  They keep bear weird and push the envelope to what you think beer would normally be. After a pint or 2, you'll feel just at home here.

Ping Pong at Fuggles & Warlock

You read that right.  Not only is there a ping pong table to keep you and your friends occupied for hours but they have arcade games as well.  You'll only problem will be if you get too into it your ball might go over the side into the brewery.  First world problems right?

Beer and Food at Fuggles & Warlock

Beers to try at Fuggles & Warlock

Your quite save here with pretty much everything.  You must try "The last Strawberry" and Bean me up Espresso Milk Stout.

Samosas at Fuggles & Warlock

Yup, you have food here. As well as having the BC staples of locally made peperoni sticks they even have a board of 3 samosas.

Fuggles Beer Flight