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Kettle River Brewing

Kettle River Brewing Co.

 Kettle River Brewing

Constructed from an old family barn, the Kettle River Brewing Co. is definitely one of the unique Okanagan breweries as you will be delighted to see stuff from the old barns and some interesting elements.  Another unique feature of this brewery is that the fermentors and the brew house are constructed under a single house.  Their fermentors were created using the same barrel which is covered with the copper lines and filled with insulations.  The copper lines basically transmits the glycol that is designed to keep the fermentors chill.  The place has an intimate yet cosy ambiance which might be perfect for Kelowna Bachelor Party or Kelowna corporate Event.


The Kettle River Brewing Co. Guide


Currently, the place only has the capacity to serve the public during Fridays to Sundays.  The beers that will not be sold during Sunday will be transferred to the bottle and will be sold on the next week.  The tasting room of the Kettle River Brewing Co. is pretty comfortable.  The ridged steel and wood with a perfect blend of shade is a sign that the place is for casual drinking and it is quite welcoming.  You will get to enjoy their craft beer Kelowna such as their IPA, Pale Ale, Wallonian Saison, Table Brown and Table Saison.


Every week they will be offering new craft beer, so do not expect that you will also get your favourite when you return on the next weekend.   This is because their Kelowna Breweries are quite small which limit their brewing capacity.  One thing good about the place though is that they brew some of the freshest tasting brew that you will ever taste during your Kelowna Brewery tour.  The front of the structure that basically opens up creates that intimate ambiance even though the space is quite small.  They have some tables outside of the building in order to accommodate as many visitors as they can who stopped by just to get a taste of their craft beer Kelowna.


The brew house can be directly seen through the window that is located at the rear side of the tasting room.  If you were lucky enough, you might be given a complete tour of the entire place.  When you are directed to the back, you will initially notice their 200L system for brewing.  You will then go to the cooler where you will see their uniquely crafted fermentors which resembles something that will be launched into outer space.  After that, you will have the opportunity to see their barrel-aged beers where various creations are being stored.


The Kettle River Brewing Co. definitely deserves the popularity that they are experiencing due to their tasty beer and their enjoyable and welcoming space.  Perhaps time will come when the Kelowna breweries will be able to accommodate us even during the weekdays.