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Kitch Winery

Kitsch Winery

Trent and Ria Kitsch opened up an award winning winery in the midst of owning another successful home building business.  Kitsch Wines sells Rieslings, Chardonnays and Pinot Gris from the family home situated in East Kelowna.  The winery opened in late April of 2016 with some of the most excellent wine debuts from a brand new winery. Trent and Ria have been part of the Okanagan Heritage for more than 100 years and are both Kelowna natives.  The winery is different because it is part of a car garage attached to the family home that has been converted into a tasting room and winery.

The winery and the vineyards are located on an impressive plateau in northeast Kelowna. It has a panoramic view of the south over the city, which is worth visiting the winery to experience.  Before they started out in the process, the couple sought advice from successful winery owners whose viticulturists offered invaluable advice about what to plant in their fertile soil.

Kitsch Wines

The Kitsch Winery primarily plants Riesling; close to five acres in two blocks are occupied by Riesling. They also plant other varieties such as Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris. The Chardonnay has the freshness and uniqueness of Chablis and is fermented in French oak to reveal the youthfulness of the fruit.

The pinots are made from fruit that is collected from a small vineyard in Lake Country.  The fruits for the pinots were acquired from a fairly young vineyard to give them a different appeal and flavor from the customary flavor profiles that are acquired from mature vines. In 2015, the pair recruited Grant Biggs to serve in the capacity of the winemaker.

Kitsch Grapes

Kitsch Winery ensures to source all the grapes from North Okanagan or from any region north of the Bennet Bridge.  2015 was the first vintage for Kitsch, and the winery managed to produce approximately 1,000 cases of wine include 250 cases of Noir in barrels.  Since the batch was small to start with, Grant hand numbered each and initialed every bottle to add a special touch to the first vintage.

Kitsch Winery has a picnic license that allows customers to enjoy bottles of wine as they enjoy the beautiful sweeping Okanagan landscape.  The picnic area is almost 10,000 square feet and is fitted with picnic tables and blankets that make it a lot easier to set up. This setting also makes Kitsch Winery the perfect location to enjoy the outdoors and glasses of wine with the little ones.