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Longwood Brewery

Longwood Brewing: Visit on your Nanaimo Brewery Tour


Nanaimo has been the originator of some fascinating events of which the “bathtub race” is but one. Nanaimo is also known for the dessert that goes by the same name, filled with smooth custard and chocolate to warm the heart. However, “the harbor city”, might soon be better known as “the home of craft beer”. While hopping from the one delightful beach to the next, you are bound to come across a pint of the best craft beers available. It is also the perfect spot for your next corporate event. Treat your business partners to a Nanaimo brewery tour.


Longwood Brewery: Nanaimo Craft Beer Mecca


Some of the most renowned craft beer is being brewed in Canada these days. You will be amazed at the variety of taste and flavor sensations that will greet you on a Nanaimo brewery tour. Creativity and innovation seems to be a golden thread that runs through all the Vancouver Island breweries. Most of the brew-masters have a passion for malted barley or rather fermented barley. A great feature of the brewery tours is that you have the opportunity to chat with the masters and hear about the inspiration behind their crafted brews.


Behind the Scenes at Longwood Brewing


One of the great experiences on a Nanaimo brewery tour is watching the brewer do his job. Ladell Brewing Consultants LTD planned the layout and machinery of the Longwood brewery.  You can see the brew house by the entrance to Longwood when you arrive. Watch how the magic unfolds behind the huge windows. It is truly a thing of beauty, especially if you are enjoying the golden product while watching it being brewed. Longwood prides itself on using Guinness malted barley, all the way from Warminster in England.


How About a Pint?


As a celebrated Nanaimo brewery, Longwood has launched its craft beer, appropriately called “Island Time”. This brew is quite unique as it is made with natural ingredients all sourced in close proximity to the brewery. The ingredients that are used to make all Longwood beer remain unfiltered. It means that the road to that pristine, clear liquid in your glass is long and labor-intensive. The beer is moved off the yeast in a slow process to retain the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. The philosophy behind all Longwood beer manufacturing is a holistic one, and the proof of its success is in the long lasting foam and malty aroma.


Have a Nanaimo party


Book a Nanaimo brewery tour for your next birthday party and come experience the craft beer tradition for yourself.  Nanaimo is one of those off-the-map places that will have you smitten with its many hidden beauties. So, whether you yearn for that proper pint of craft beer, or is just looking for a little laid-back socializing, Nanaimo brewery tour is sure to satisfy both needs.

Weather you are visiting the brewery or brew pub there is plenty of great beer to go around.  Both serve a few different beers and it's worth visiting both.

Canadian Craft has multiple routes in and leaving from Nanaimo.  Contact info@canadiancrafttours.ca to plan a set or custom tour today.