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Moon Under Water Brewery and Brew Pub

Moon under Water:  Producing Some of the Best Victoria Craft Beer

 Moon Under Water

This is a small yet a very successful and busy pub that offers some of the best tasting craft beer in Victoria.  They also offer provide quality foods on the side that are reasonably priced.  If you want to have a taste of the Victoria craft beer that was inspired by a century-old tradition of beer making in Europe mixed with the high amount of passion, dedication and creativity, then Moon Under Water is one of the distilleries that you need to check during your Victoria brewery tour.

 Moon Flight

The Victoria Craft Beer on Moon under Water


Some of you who have a chance to tour in this place might agree that this is definitely one of the best parts of the Victoria beer tour.  The people are just simply great and accommodating which is why most people leave the place with a smile on their face and a high level of satisfaction.  People have been returning to their cider houses since it offers a wide selection of craft beer and their staff will assist you in any way they can.  The place itself is classy yet very comfortable due to the accommodating staff.


Another part of their brewery that is worth seeing would be the barrel-aged program.  Their sour Victoria craft beer is known for their aromatic, refreshing and fruity taste.  They offer limited edition craft beer that has become the local’s favourite such as the Goldamsel.  This sour beer has been aged in oak for years with apricot and peach that provides their sweet and aromatic essence.


The Victoria craft beer offered by the Moon Under Water are blended with the peel of a sweet orange and rice malt that granted its rich and full taste while providing the zippy and herbal spirit.  They also offered weekly specials that will be served on particular hours.  You may enjoy some of their pub favourites which are regulars on their menu, the salads, and soups, appies which complements the taste of their craft beer, sandwiches, rice bowl and tacos.  They also have amazing choices of desserts that are affordable.


Some of the Victoria Craft beer that they are proud of includes the Tempus Corvi which is the result of their collaboration with Dave Janssen, an award-winning brewer of the Vancouver Island breweries.  The saison is why most of the guests and the locals keep coming back.  The velvety taste of Weizenbock, on the other hand, invites that unparalleled harmony and the chocolaty taste that is conducted into the open fermentation creates that earth and tropical essence.


During your Victoria brewery tour, it will be a sin to miss the craft beer that is being offered by Moon under Water.  Be sure to have a taste of some of the lagers that we mentioned above.