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Red Truck Beer Company

Red Truck Beer Tour

The History and Development of Red Tuck Breweries Craft Beer

If you are a lover of beer or you want to learn how to appreciate beer, then you should make a Vancouver brewery tour. It is rightfully described as the capital of craft beer for a reason, since here not only will you get to experience a taste of the best craft beer, but you will also have a chance to learn more about its history as you take a tour round the brewery. Red truck brewery is one of the youngest of the creek breweries on the Vancouver brewery map, but you should not mistake this for it not reaching the standard that you all love. This is the place to be if you like something different, if you want to have some fun while still enjoying some good craft beer.

Red Truck

The History of Red Truck Brewery

The story of the red truck company is pretty simple considering that it all started with a red truck that delivered red truck keg and ale to the minor baseball stadium. The trucks name was old weird Harold, and most people were often happy to see it driving around town as it would only mean that beer was being delivered. The very first consumers of red truck beer were the Canadians at the stadium who later grew to a large number at brewery creek; hence the love for the beer grew in a very short period of time.

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The company having being founded 10 years ago, was able to produce 12,000 hectolitres of beer in the first year but this number doubled to almost twice as much in the following years. The company has become known for their signature red trucks especially the 1948 dodge power wagon that hangs from the ceiling of the brewery. This unique image is one that most tourists at the guided brewery tour take in most as it is unusual yet very original meaning that it will stick in your memory for quite some time.

Red Truck Truck

The brewery has four signature drinks that its customers enjoy the most which are; red truck lager, pilsner, IPA and the crowd’s favourite the ale. The sale is loved due to its crisp taste with hints of caramel and roasted malt which makes it the perfect beer to have while eating. It is the one beer that even non- beer drinkers find themselves enjoying due to its unique taste. Tourists have a chance of enjoying a cold bottle at the brewery as they take in the creeks air, creating the perfect experience for any lover of beer.

Red truck breweries are creators of some of the best Vancouver craft beer that you will ever have a taste of. Coupled with the way they have flawlessly incorporated the history of creeks breweries with the modern, taking a tour at the brewery is bound to be a memorable experience.