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Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth Vineyard and Winery 


Now, it goes without saying that one of the best Kelowna Wine Tours is offered by the Scorched Earth Winery. This is amongst the most successful family run estate vineyards as well as wineries in the area, and it definitely has quite a lot to show for it. Even though it is a rather modest and small in acres, this tucked estate has quite a lot to offer. It is located off the shores of the Okanagan Lake, just south of Kelowna and it is comprised of a small organic vineyard which is taken care of with nothing but the best products and lots of love.


Unfortunately, a few wildfires back in 2003 destroyed the entire thing, but the vineyard was conveniently replanted with 4 single lot Pinot Noir grapes of French Clones. The rootstocks which were chosen for the varying and characteristic conditions of the soil were different. With this in mind,  this organic vineyard is known for practicing sustainable as well as thoroughly organic and environmentally cautious viticulture. The location is also particularly beneficial as it provides the vineyard with perfect exposure to the south, hence ensuring more than enough sun light. The vineyard is located in a slope area towards the Okanagan Lake which is also something which attributes to the overly great air flow as well as the cooling effect which further benefits the vines.


Mandatory Part of the Kelowna Wine Tours


If you have set off on a tour through Kelowna, the Scorched Earth Winery should most definitely be included in the trip. It’s definitely amongst the most beautifully characteristic Kelowna wineries, and it’s also amongst the most impressive. The winery takes advantage of Pinot Noir grapes which are perfectly organic from the start to the finish. What is more, the Scorched Earth Winery is known to produce only 500 cases of wine every year.


This is due to the fact that all the grapes are hand-picked and also hand sorted from the extremely premium clones.


In any case, if you are looking for a starting point to your Kelowna Wine Tour, this particular winery is great for the task. Keep in mind, though, that the bar is going to be set pretty high above, considering the premium quality and the utter beauty of the entire region. With this in mind, this is definitely amongst the finest Okanagan wineries, and it boasts all the beauty of this traditional wine-making region in Canada.