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Township 7 Winery Langley

Township 7

Township 7 Vineyards & Winery

Open seven days a week throughout the year, a tour through the vineyards and winery is an opportunity for visitors to learn a factor two on the wine making process as well as have a taste of fresh wine. The vineyards are the perfect relaxations spot for families and individuals that ant to indulge in fresh countryside air. Come ready to take away a bottle to add to your personal collection. Is it important? If you are a wine lover or know how production of wine is done, you are familiar with the fact that hand crafted wines produced in small lots are difficult to replicate. So, yes! Owning a bottle of wine that is already out of production or circulation is something worth bragging about to your friends. A wine souvenir is what you will leave the Township 7 with but you are going to experience much more while at it;


There is always something happening at the Township 7 in Langley and if you have the time, attend them all. Otherwise, you are free to pick from a variety of art shows, charity fundraising events, live music performances, wine making seminars and professional winemaker conventions. The venue is also a center for cultural and culinary appreciation making it a suitable place for visitors to this part of the world to learn a bit of history. Being a member of the club seven is an excellent cost cutting idea or wine lovers. Apart from receiving a shipment of 8 wine bottles 3 times a year, members also receive discounts for events and purchases made at the winery.

Township wall

Wine tasting

Want to find out how high quality wine tastes like? Come to Township 7 and have a taste of family commitment and consistent management locked up in a bottle. It is against this backdrop that the award winning wines are crafted and crafted by hand. Township 7 is a member of the quality strict organization referred to as the British Columbia Wine Institute and that means that high standards of wine manufacturing have to be maintained. There is no doubt that the wine you are paying for from the Township 7 is high quality both in selection of ingredients and processing.

Take a Vancouver Wine tour to experience what good wine making is all about or sign up for membership to receive classic gifts for signature appearances at surrey bachelorette parties. This is the definition of all year round luxury.

Township 7 Lunch

Township 7 Winery in Langley offers a delicious charcuterie board like no other. It features an assortment of cured meats, artisanal cheeses, olives, pickles and condiments that will satisfy any craving. The charcuterie board is artfully arranged and well-presented, making it an excellent choice for date night or to share with friends. The ingredients have been carefully selected to ensure the utmost quality and flavour. If you’re looking for an exquisite culinary experience, you won’t be disappointed with the charcuterie board at Township 7 Winery in Langley - I highly recommend it!