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Tree Brewing Institute

Tree Brewing (Institute)

Tree Brewing Kelonwa 

In 2018 Tree moved it's production to Vancouver (With Big Rock) and closed the tasting room of Tree brewing, this left the Tree Institute as the Kelowna craft brewery location. 

Whether you are looking for a tailor-made tour or a group tour, we know the Kelowna Brewery map inside-out. If you are holding a Kelowna Bachelor party, Kelowna corporate event or a Kelowna stag party. Canadian Craft Tours is the right solution to get you through the Tree Institute. 

Be sure to stop through the tasting room for a guided tasting of 4 locally brewed beers.  This is well worth the time and the trip over to Tree (Provided on tour).

Kelowna is the home to many breweries like the Tree brewing restaurant, where you will enjoy different local flavours of beers. One of the favourite places during the tours is the tasting room. You can sit down and try the craft beer Kelowna flowing from the tank, through taps. You will also get the opportunity to learn the process of making the rich bee using common ingredients like water, barley, hops and yeast.

Tree Brewing Food

Most of the local Kelowna breweries and ciders have a rich agricultural history. The main benefit of the brewery tour is the fact that you will learn and see the process that these ingredients have to go through before they are converted into the beer that you love.


You will get firsthand experience in the brewing process of craft beer. The Kelowna Brewery tour is gaining popularity, and most tourists will do everything possible to ensure that they go for such tours. Besides, this, most of the breweries allow the visitors to hold private events, where they will get a sufficient supply of beer.

If you love drinking beer, a brewery tour will give you more insight, and you will appreciate your beer, so much more. This is because you will be aware of the ingredients used as well as the process that the beer has undergone, to have that rich taste.