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Vancouver Island Brewing

Vancouver Island Brewing: Iconic With Island Beer


If you enjoy talking beer, then a Victoria beer tour would be ideal for you. For most people who drink beer, they do not know how the brewing process goes. When you take a Victoria brewery tour, you will be able to learn so much about the process of making beer for a larger brewery.  The process is similar to nano breweries but the equipment gets much bigger.


In as much as it is a great feeling to sit in the evening in a local pub and enjoy the beer, there are very few people who really know what ingredients have been used in making their beer. If this sounds like a mystery to you, then the Victoria brewery tour would be the solution to provide the right answers. Have you ever wondered why different brands of beer have different tastes and flavours? A Victoria beer tour would be the perfect opportunity for you to learn the entire process and what it takes before your favourite drink lands in a pub.


When you take time to think about the process of making beer, you will realise there is a whole lot that you may not know. There are many breweries in Vancouver, and you can be able to take a tour and get to understand the entire brewing process. Unlike in the past, you will be shocked to learn that the brewery, making your beer, is just a few miles from the local pub. The Victoria brewery tour has become one of the key attractions for tourists in Vancouver, and Canada at large.


The guided tours are essential and will give the rare opportunity to see what actually happens in the process of making beer. With a Victoria brewery tour, you are able to ask relevant questions about the process of making beer and the specific ingredients that are used. You will also learn about the various brewing techniques used to make your favourite drink


In the past visiting vineyards to have a look at the process of making wine was the only popular thing. This has changed, especially in England, where there so many people interested in taking a Victoria brewery tour. This is because most people have discovered that the Victoria beer tour can be fun and informative.


When you go for a Victoria brewery tour in Vancouver Island Brewing, you will learn that there are 4 main ingredients used to make beer: yeast, water, hops, and barley. All the beers are made using unique techniques, which require a whole lot of patience. You will go behind the scenes and learn about all the brewing stages and get to taste fresh beer before it leaves the brewery. The Victoria brewery tour is a great chance that brings you up close with your much-loved beer. You can have the tours organized for small groups, and the good thing is that you do not have to worry about getting drunk since you will be driven back to your location.