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Whistler Brewhouse

Whistler Brewhouse

The Brewhouse at Whistler is one of the most well known and most populated locations in Whistler. Because the BrewHouse is located in the heart of Whistler Village next to the Olympic Plaza, this brewery attracts a lot of tourists that have come into the Whistler areas, as well as scores of locals that arrive at its doors every day owing to the high-quality beer that is produced on site. The BrewHouse is also well known for the food and the entertainment provided as well.  The brewHouse was established in 1996, at a time when the craft beer boom had not yet been felt in Canada.

The BrewHouse was created as part of a group of chain brewpubs owned by the Mark James Group.  For a long time after it opened its door to the public in 1997, it was the only establishment to offer craft beer to the locals and to customers from the surrounding areas of BC.  Although the craft beer industry has undergone major changes to accommodate family and privately owned micro and nano breweries, the BrewHouse is still considered by many as the home and one of the pioneers of craft beer in Vancouver.

The head brewer, Derrick Smith has been churning out high-quality brews using a range of different techniques that he has picked up over the years. For instance, he has a reputation for utilizing cask conditioning for many of his craft beers, however, he is also well known for using other techniques that produce a beer that is equally as outstanding.

With a well known and respected reputation for world class beer experience, many people still choose to frequent the BrewHouse despite the large number of craft beer venues that they can choose from.  The BrewHouse has a separate restaurant that also serves high-quality cuisine, a bar, and mezzanine that enables people to socialize with one another. 

The pub, where most of the tasting and drinking occurs has a cozy fireside place that improves the ambiance of the room and there are plenty of TVs situated in all corners of the room for people to enjoy the viewing of games and various shows. The pub space can accommodate groups of people that are both large and small. Some of the brews on offer include Big Wolf Bitter, which is an English style bitter, Alta Lake Ale, which is made in the amber ale style and the Lifty Lager, which is a North America style lager, among so many others to chose from.