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Whistler Brewing

Whistler Brewing Co

Whistler Brewing Company


Taking a tour of a local brewery is can be exciting and provide a great learning experience. A Whistler brewery will let you know how beer is brewed and you can sample different types of beer. In Canada, the competition in the brewing industry has increased, and this is one of the regions in the world known to have the best beers in the world. Until you understand the whistler craft brewery, you might be missing out on a great opportunity to enjoy quality beer.


While there may be so many other imitations around the world in regards to different types of beers (Lots of lagers), the Whistler craft brewery works hard to ensure that they maintain the production of quality beers and avail them. The smaller local breweries in Canada are springing up and have been providing quality beers.  Whistler brewing is growing and isn't one of the micro breweries any more.


Whistler Brewing is creating a trailblazer for and bringing back to life all the pioneers of the Whistler craft breweries. During a tour, you will realise that the brewery is using the experience and the traditions of brewing. There is no use of computers and other digital processes to learn how to make beer. Whistler craft brewery makes all the different flavors of the week with their hands. This is the definition of authentic craft beer that upholds the tradition of progression.

Whistler Brewing Brewery

What to expect at Whistler Brewing - Whistler Brewery Tour

During the whistler brewery tour, you will be able to see the brewery at work and see how all the authentic craft beers are made. The tours are fully guided, and you will get the opportunity to sample and taste different types of beer in the Tap House, within the brewery. If you are a keg lover, you will be treated to the great opportunity of seeing how it is made and you can buy different items during the tours.


If you have a special event that is coming up like a wedding reception, meeting, party and any other form of even, you can book the venue to enjoy your event and whistler brewery tour. The venue has the capacity to host up to 60 people, and you should make your reservations in good time so as to get the space booked for your upcoming event.

Whistler Brewing

Progression of the tradition of crafting English-style beer is one of the key pillars of Whistler Brewing. You will discover that beyond the common lagers and ales, the company works hard to ensure that it brings in innovation by using uncommon ingredients. You cannot afford to miss the next whistler brewery tour.

Whistler Brewing Beer lineup

There are a few beers you need to try, I'd start with all of them.  Take a look at the lineup.

  • Whistler Lager
  • Honey Lager
  • Grapefruit Ale
  • Lost Lake IPA
  • Pineapple express (Seasonal)
  • Whistler Coastal Common lager
  • Winter Dunkel (Winter Seasonal)