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Wolf Brewing

Wolf Brewing – Canadian Craft Tours

 Wolf Brewing flight

Wolf brewing has long been serving its trademark drinks in the Nanaimo region and as such this Nanaimo brewery pub has established itself as one of the best brewing pubs in the region, if not the best. Open every day of the week, this Nanaimo pub welcomes guest for tours and a drinking experience like no other.




This Nanaimo brewery is located along 940 Old Victoria Rd, Nanaimo, BC V9R 6Z8, Canada, a strategic location at the heart of this vibrant city.


Wolf Brewing Tasting Room – Nanaimo Brewery Tour


Wolf Brewing Tasting Room has been open to Nanaimo brewery tours for years now and never have they ever failed to deliver quality tastes of locally brewed beer. Wolf Brewing has redefined the Nanaimo party experience, with its locally recognised drinks, served in growlers, 650 ml bombers or flights of 4, if not in individual glasses.


Wolf Brewing Beers


Golden Honey Ale


As the name suggests, the Golden Honey Ale served at Wolf Brewing is a favourite among locals who come to relax and unwind at this pub. This drink is made from locally-available raw honey as well as B.C malt. In addition, hops are added in order to add flavour to the drink. Locals and visitors love this Nanaimo brewery drink for its sweet savour and its lightness. 


Scotch Ale


Indian Pale Ale is another locally-favoured brew from Wolf Brewing which is quite different from the Golden Honey Ale. This warm Nanaimo brewery is dark and heavy and wonderfully civilised. It is brewed from a perfect blend of toffee, British tea biscuit and dried fruits – malty and smooth. Indian Pale Ale is a true conversation starter, perfect for those nights out with friends.


Indian Pale Ale


The Indian Pale Ale, just like the other Wolf Brewing beers, is a favourite among locals. Tourists flock this pub during Nanaimo brewery tours in order to taste the finest brewing in this city. The Indian Pale Ale features a distinct malt taste with hints of peach, passion fruit and pine, along with a blend of hops and citrus. The brewer refers to the Indian Pale Ale as brilliant, robust and brash.


Opening Hours


This Nanaimo party pub is open from 12 to 5 on Sundays and Mondays, 12 to 6 from Tuesday through to Thursday and from 12 to 7 on Fridays and Saturdays. These hours are perfect for Nanaimo brewery tours or just popping in for their signature cold Indian Pale Ale.


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