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Cowichan Valley Wine Tour | Unsworth Vineyards

by Brandon Moscrip July 12, 2016

Cowichan Valley Wine Tour | Unsworth Vineyards

Cowichan Valley Wine Tour to Unsworth Vineyards

Cowichan Wine Tour to Unsworth

Only a hour out of both Victoria and Nanaimo there is a little gem you need to start at on your Victoria wine tour.  

Unsworth was rated "Top wine list overall" as voted by 150 guests of Canadian Craft Tours from both Victoria and Nanaimo wine tours.  Risling, Gewurztraminer, Rosé, Pinot Gris.  Unsworth Vineyards pretty much everything you would hope a Cowichan Valley winery would have.  Even a few you havn't heard of will round out the line up.

If you only have enough time for two wineries in the Cowichan Valley on your next Victoria or Nanaimo wine tour you will want to try Unsworth and Enrico.  

Tip: When you love the sparkling, buy it.  Top regret by travelers after their Victoria Wine tour is that they did not pick up a bottle when they had the chance.

Out for a Birthday party or Bachlorette party? This is one of the stops you can not miss.  If you buy a few too many bottles here - not problem, there are plenty of empty boxes for you to stock up on.

The wine will lure you here but the staff will keep you coming back.  Feel free to try out their putting green after you drink a glass of wine.  Have fun!

Don't want to drive? Jump on a tour with Canadian Craft Tours and leave the driving to your guide.

What to expect on your Victoria to Cowichan Valley Wine Tour

Expect at least one hour each way to the wineries within the valley.   If leaving from Victoria or Nanaimo allow 5.5 hours for a round trip tour.  There are few coffee shops and stores on the roads accross the valley so grab a coffee at Unsworth's bistro.

What wineries should I visit on my Cowichan Wine Tour

Travelers to the Cowichan from Victoria and Nanaimo voted the top two wineries to visit were Unsworth & Enrico.

Where to Eat on my Victoria or Nanaimo Wine tour

Take a look at the menu at the bistro at Unsworth.  When you decide it's possibly where you are planning to go for lunch, call ahead for reservations. Closed Monday.

What Other Wineries should we Visit on our Victoria to Cowichan Wine Tour

Besides the two listed above we suggest Cherry Point as well as Divino estate (Call ahead).

Brandon Moscrip
Brandon Moscrip


If you can not get a hold of Brandon he is either Snowboarding, diving, in a hammock or on the hunt for his favourite new Craft Beverage somewhere globally. If you are looking for Brandon, you'll have a better chance finding Waldo.

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