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Victoria Brewery Tour

Victoria Brewery Tour 

Twa Dogs Brewery Tour

Victoria Brewery Tour

Looking for a great way to spend the day in Victoria? Join a public Victoria brewery tour for 3.5+ hours.  Have a group larger than 8?  Groups of 8+ can book a private tour.   Public tours are scheduled for Friday and Saturday evening.  We add additional dates and times for groups of 4+.  Contact us for more details.

Public Tours Daily: View our Victoria public tour schedule.

Also Available In Victoria: 


Your Victoria Brewery Tour Includes:

General Pickup and drop off at: 660 Oswego Street, Victoria, BC (Private groups specify pickup spot)

For our cruise ship passengers who have the day to spend, we will pick you up at the designating meeting spot at the terminal and drop you back off at the boat.  Let us know what time you want to be back and we will ensure you are back in plenty of time.  Additional tour times available May to September, contact us to request a custom time.

Read more about our Victoria Craft Brewery Tour.


Sample Public Victoria Brewery Tour Schedule

3:45pm: Meet and greet at pickup location.  What to expect, housekeeping, guest introduction & waivers.

4:05-4:15: Arrive at first brewery (Vancouver Island, Phillips) for beer flights and an introduction to craft beer in BC.

5:15: Arrive at 2nd brewery for a full behind the scenes tour and beer flights (Category 12)

6:30: Arrive at 3rd brewery (Victoria Caledonia, Axe & Barrel or Moon Underwater) for full tasting with the brewing team.  Always a great stop.  If organizing group on public or private tours please let us know when you last planned to eat so we can organize this stop as a food stop/brew pub.

7:30: Guest drop off at downtown hotels or 660 Oswego street.  *If the guide does not tip the van please feel free to tip the guide.


What Breweries Do We Visit on Our Victoria Brewery Tour?

We visit three of the following breweries in Victoria.  Public tours are Category 12 Brewing + 2 of the following depending on day of week:

Category 12 Brewing - On Every Tour

A fantastic stop between Victoria and the ferry terminal.  IPA's and stronger brews.  If you know and love your craft beer this place is for you. Recommended: Wild IPA & Black IPA

Vancouver Island Brewing: Probably one of the best brewery tours and private back room tap houses in BC, this is one of our favorites.  If your lucky enough for a Hermanator release it will not be something you will forget. Recommend: Beachcomber Winter Lager + Hermanator

Victoria Caledonia - Twa Dogs: This is one of the best setup breweries in BC. Perfect for that tasting in the tasting room.  If you ask nicely the team here might even let you try a scotch or two.

Axe & Barrel: The first tap house in the city of Langford, this old pub has rebuilt as a great tap house and bar.   Depending on timing this is also our food stop. Perfect nano brewery addition to our Victoria brewery tour.  Recommended: Citrus Witbier.

Also Available by request for private tours or walking tours: 

Phillips Brewing: With more beers here than we can keep track of, this is always an excellent stop.  If you can not find a new top 5 here, it may be time to switch to another beverage.  Always entertaining, always fantastic beer. Recommend: Longboat Chocolate Porter.

Canoe Club: We always try to ensure there is a bit of food along one of our stops.  Canoe makes the stop worth while.  Most times of the year we can get you onto the Patio over the water where you can work on your tan.

Victoria Brewery Tour

Victoria BC Brewery Tour

The Canadian Craft Tours Difference: 

When you book a tour with Canadian Craft Tours all our venues are pre-booked and expecting us.  Our team works hard to ensure we choose only the best venues that suit both public and private tour groups.   In Victoria, we travel a little out of downtown to ensure you see the venues that truly represent a local experience.