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Phillips Brewing

Phillips Brewing - Victoria's Most Popular Tap Room


If you want to know how Victoria craft beer is made, a Victoria beer tour should be included in your list of things to do. There are a lot of Vancouver Island Breweries to visit, and you will certainly be assured of a fun and exciting time during your tour. You can start your tour to Phillips and enjoy some brew tasting which is amazing when combined with their menu options, as well as the scenery of the cider houses.


What You Can Expect


Now that you have finally started on your Victoria beer tour, you can start learning about these breweries. For instance, you can learn how many of these wonderful beers have been hand-crafted right in Victoria, and how well they are also complimented accordingly by some local dishes. There are breweries that specialize in combining food, pairing the best ones with some unique brews.


Aside from learning the theory behind beer, you can also hop in for an actual tour. This is where you learn what really happens during the creation of Victoria craft beer, understanding what makes them extra special.   The schedule of the tours varies, with most of them available on weekends.


After touring Vancouver Island Breweries, you surely would not want to go home empty handed, so to say. After all, you cannot say that you have been to a Victoria brewery tour if you have to souvenir with you to take home and show to some friends. With this, you can choose a growler of your local favorite or some bombers bottles of your favorite beer. You should certainly not leave without bringing anything with you.

Phillips through the Window


Venture out to the core of Vancouver Island Breweries and expand your horizon ever further. An extensive tour will allow you to learn further about some chemical processes which are involved in the creation of beer. While you are out there on a tour, you learn at the same time.