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Canoe Club Brewery

Canoe Club, a Fine Vancouver Island Brewery


Maybe it is the sea air, or the boats swaying in the harbour that is to be blamed. The fact is that something in the atmosphere of Vancouver Island just oozes that peaceful tranquillity that makes you reach for a beer. The island’s serene coastal charm has also driven some beer-loving craftsmen to open breweries. These small craft beer breweries are thriving all over the island. They provide high-quality, handcrafted beer that is enjoyed in beautiful surroundings with or without fine food. With a Victoria brewery tour, you will be introduced to some of the top breweries, and you’ll have a lot of opportunity to taste their offerings.


Craft Beers are bold and Original


A Victoria beer tour is an excellent way to explore some of the finest craft and micro beer in the world. There is a long list of breweries, and each has their own philosophy on brewing beer. The varieties range from refreshing pilsners to the darker, more bitter India Pale Ales, commonly referred to as IPA’s. As an industry, craft beer is slowly but surely invading the Canadian beer market. People who love beer started most of the smaller Vancouver Island Breweries, such as Canoe Club brewery. The brew-masters make bolder choices to introduce a steady flow of new, exciting beer flavours.


A Pint of Victoria craft beer


As one of the Vancouver Island Breweries, Canoe beer is making a name for itself as an excellently handcrafted beer. The beer is brewed in small quantities, and a lot of attention goes into the quality of each pint. Only the best-malted barley, hops, yeast and water is used. It is a Victoria craft beer that is becoming legendary for its crisp, clean taste. The beer is unfiltered. The natural processes in brewing accounts for the carbonation and no additives of preservatives are added. At Canoe Club brewery, this love of beer is interwoven with their respect for tradition and their vision to innovate beer brewing.


The Perfect Party


A bachelor or bachelorette party is a once in a lifetime occurrence. It needs to be extra special and definitely unique. One of the new, exciting ways to celebrate your best friend’s momentous event is a Victoria brewery tour. It can be a small, intimate affair or a bigger event for as many as 300 guests. A popular destination is the Canoe Club Brewery, located in the momentous Chinatown in downtown Victoria. Sit on the patios overlooking the waterfront and enjoy some of the best craft beer Canada’s breweries have to offer.