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Powell Street | Ode To Citra Pale Ale

by Brandon Moscrip June 12, 2016

Powell Street | Ode To Citra Pale Ale

Love IPA's but looking for a more session-able beverage you can drink all night long?

For anyone wondering what Sessionable means.  It's a nice way of saying I could drink this all night long, easy drinking and I'm not sharing. 

With all of the Citra Hops smell and initial flavor you'd expect from a west coast IPA.This beer has all the arroma and none of the bitterness or bite this beer starts as a IPA, it finishes as an Ale.

I love Citra hops, mostly because it reminds me of carabbean fruits.  Kinda funny how you hops can remind you of the carabbean but you can't get a IPA in the carabbean.  Anyone want to go halfers on a micro brewery in Cauzemel Mexico, Roatan Honduras or Little Corn Niccaragua? 

The aroma is incredible, I could smell it for hours.. oh Citra.  It's only 5.5% ABV


Ode to Citra

Brandon Moscrip
Brandon Moscrip


If you can not get a hold of Brandon he is either Snowboarding, diving or on the hunt for his favorite new Craft Beverage.

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