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BC Breweries

BC Breweries

Why are BC breweries so successful?

For most BC breweries, it all started as a hobby in the basement or garage, where beers would be crafted and shared among friends. However, thanks to the phenomenal expansion of the craft beer industry that shows no signs of slowing down, novice brewers have managed to turn their passion from a hobby into one of the most thriving businesses in BC.  Thanks to the heightened demand and incremental changes in the liquor laws, small breweries are no longer held back from turning their passion into a profit; more than a few have and are doing it successfully.  So, why have BC breweries experienced the height of success that they have?

Craft beer tastes better than other varieties

Compared to traditionally commercially brewed beer, craft beer tastes much better. Big beer, as it is called, is all about mass production while craft beer is all about flavor profiles and aromas.  A large number of BC craft breweries go out of their way to make sure that their ingredients are handpicked and that their recipes are perfected over the years.  Since craft breweries lack the advertising power of big beer, one of the most effective ways of advertising is by word of mouth, which is why their products must impress all the time.

A wide array

BC breweries have everything to suit anybody and everybody’s preferences. So far, the BC beer market is booming, and the future looks even brighter.  Each brewery utilizes special recipes and techniques, meaning that there is a broad variety of products out there to suit everyone.


Forget wine tasting; BC breweries are exciting. Not only do BC breweries collaborate to create one of a kind products, but the breweries themselves ensure that they go above and beyond to satisfy their clientele. This means new products every other day, and the beer festivals are great for supporting the local craft beer business community, as well as for mingling with other drinkers as attendees discover their next favorite drink.

Meeting the Masters

Finding a beer that you like is one thing, but meeting the person that crafts it for you is another. One of the best reasons why BC Breweries are so successful is because people typically enjoy the opportunity to meet and mingle with the brewers.  Most BC breweries even give tours of the facilities to see how the beer is made. Since BC breweries are well distributed all over, the breweries have allowed people to develop a lasting relationship with craft beer; most residents in BC live within 10 miles of a brewery.