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Callister Brewing Company

Callister Brewing Company

Callister's Craft Beer Community 

The Callister Brewing company, located at 1338 Franklin St, Vancouver, was the brainwork of co-owners Diana Mackenzie and Chris Lay. This brewery is unique because it is the first in Canada to operate and function as a co-working brewery.  This means that the Vancouver operation, the Callister equipment, as well as the space for brewing, are available for lease. The brewery not only produces its brand of beer, but it also allows other breweries that do not have their own equipment to use the space for a small fee. So far, they have leased their space to 3 other brewing companies, to help them get into the budding craft beer market.  Love thy neighbor. 

The Callister Brewing Company has been touted as Canada’s first ever collaborative brewery. The associate brewers that are housed within the walls of the brewery share the brewhouse, the tap room as well as the vast resources that are required to successfully produce craft beer.  The associate brewers are allowed access for one year where they can produce their choice of beers. Apart from offering a space where professionals can work, Callister Brewing also has an operating and retail space that is supplied to the renters.  The retail space allows novice brewers to manufacture, package and sell beers to the public in a low-risk atmosphere while providing a solid foundation of support, training and peer networks.  

Callister Beer 

Some of the Callister offerings include Short and Stout, a Dry Irish Stout, “Zwirbelbart” Dunkelweizen, Hastings Sunrise, which is a Strawberry Rhubarb Wheat Ale, and Twin Island Cider “Boat Days”. Callister also serves an array of sodas including traditional lemon rosewater, and Ginger Rosehip. This year, the three associate breweries that are on Callister Brewing’s lineup include Lightheart Brewing, Boombox Brewing, and Real Cask Brewing.   Boombox is well known for Ultra Deluxe and Pablo Esco Gnar, which have both received awards and recognition from various festivals and craft beer awards.

Many craft business in the area commend and look up to the Callister Brewing Company not only for an innovative business model that is yet to be replicated in other BC regions, but it has also helped to encourage the spirit of collaboration, which is deeply ingrained in the craft beer community; it is not unheard of for two or three breweries to collaborate on seasonal projects and beers or have guest taps.  Callister Brewing beers are available for purchase in different growler sizes from any brewery.