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Mariner Brewing

Mariner Brewing - Coquitlam

Background of Mariner

As the first official brewery that started the trend in Coquitlam, Mariner Brewing Company has opened up to explore the unknown flavours in craft beer. Craft beer has become such a booming industry in the market and can provide so much creativity in brewers to make something different and new in their beers. The 26-year-old local coquitlamite, Bryon Vallis, opened the doors in 2017 serving craft beer and food in house.  With a variety of pizzas, dips, cheese boards, and the famous popcorn nachos, it is never a disappointment to pair the Mariner Beer with some fulfilling food options.


History Behind the Name

There are a few reasons why the Mariner name came into play when branding the brewery. One, it is a major street in Coquitlam, two, a mariner is someone who navigates a ship and explores uncharted territory. This ties into the theme of the brewery wanting to explore of different flavours, and discover new tastes. Lastly, The Mariner space probes were also a number of NASA projects sent into space in the 60's to explore uncharted territory in space. The brewery really felt that the name Mariner would be a big part of their business and let people know that they aren't just any other brewery.  


Craft Beer Recommendations

With great options of crisp, tropical, refreshing, and sour beer you will be satisfied with any tasting. Best recommendation is to get a fight of the Mariners Brewing choice, or beers you want to explore on and try to really get to know all the flavours Mariner Brewing has to offer. Let your taste buds explore.