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Red Bird Brewing Inc.


Red Bird Brewing  

owner Adam Semeniuk opened Red Bird Brewing on August 5th after building the business from the ground up. His dream of opening a craft brewery in Kelowna began in April, 2016. The 33-year-old opened his doors in August however at first did not have his own beers quite ready for consumption so they got things going by featuring some excellent local brews, ciders, and wines for visitors to enjoy.


Red Bird has had unbelievable support from the local community, packing this small brewery daily. This spot is a local hot spot for sure and a great place to bring out the crib board, have a flight and share stories with friends.


No sweat, Red Bird has bar snacks AND SurfSide California Taco Truck out front for your indulging pleasure. Pairs excellent with your favourite brews.