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Penticton Brewery Tour

Penticton Brewery Tour

Embark on an unforgettable Penticton brewery tour with Canadian Craft Tours, where you'll explore the vibrant craft beer scene of Penticton, British Columbia. This tour offers a perfect blend of fun, frothy delights, and informative experiences.

Participants visit three of the most esteemed breweries in the region, including Abandoned Rail Brewing, Neighbourhood Brewing, and Slackwater Brewing, among others.

Ideal for groups, the tour provides a private pickup for 10+ people, guided tastings, and round-trip transportation. Enhance your understanding of brewing with behind-the-scenes access and expert commentary from a local guide.

Discover the essence of Penticton's craft beer community with this enriching tour.

Where do you visit on the Penticton Brewery Tour?

Tour schedules change between the morning and afternoon, as well as when breweries have special event days.  We book the venue's well in advance and choose the best route for guest experience that day.  We visit 3 of:

  • Abandoned Rail
  • Neighbourhood
  • Slackwater
  • Bad Tattoo
  • Cannery Brewing
  • Tin Whistle 
  • Highway 97
  • Barley Mill Brew Pub

What is included in my Penticton Brewery Tour?

We have everything set for you.  Groups of 10+ include a private pickup in our 14 passenger minibus.   This is a locally guided tour, not just driver.  

  • Guided behind the scenes tour at a local brewery
  • Flights at each of the 3 Craft Brewery 4x4oz roughly
  • Local Tour guide (Not just a driver)
  • Round trip transportation

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