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33 Acres Brewing

33 Acres Brewing


The 33 Acres Brewing Company is not just a craft beer brewery in Vancouver. It is also a popular café, and brunch/lunch spot. This brewing company is in the heart of brewery creek and is a part of the Vancouver brewery tour. Compared to other craft beer breweries in brewery creek, 33 Acres is a small, stylish brewery.


The 33 Acres come from the owners’ vision of creating a space where drinks, food, ideas, and conversation could be shared. The craft beer that is created by 33 Acres is inspired by the environment around Vancouver. The 33 Acres aims to have the highest quality craft beer in Canada.


The 33 Acres tasting room has a lot of natural elements like the serving trays and tables made from solid wood. The space was designed to be welcoming, so it helps build the community. On sunny days, there are large windows that allow in a lot of natural light. On the weekends, there is occasionally live music to enjoy with your craft beer and food.


Along with craft beer, The 33 Acres also serves snacks for local businesses, and coffee. These can include nuts, doughnuts, fresh bread, and charcuterie. There is also a lunch and brunch menu that changes depending on the season, and the day that you visit. Children are also welcome at the 33 Acres tasting room, but not during peak hours and they are not allowed to sample the beers.


Depending on the day, 5 to 8 of their beers are on tap for you to sample. You can also have a growler filled with the craft beer that is on tap at the time.


The 33 Acres is a very popular spot so you may have to wait in line. This is especially true if you are planning to visit on the weekend when the brunch is available. Their brunch is known to be one of the best in the city, so it is normally very crowded during this time.


If you would like to know more about the process that 33 Acres uses to create their craft brew, you will need to take a Vancouver brewery tour.  33 Acres did offer their own guided brewery tour, but they rarely do their own tours now.


The 33 Acres continues to add new craft beers to its line up every season. The 33 Acres is a popular spot and not just for its craft beer. Their food has made it a very popular spot in the city, with growing lines of people every weekend for brunch. This little brewery in Brewery Creek has quickly become one of must-visit breweries and brunch stops in the city.