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A-Frame Brewing

A-Frame Brewing Squamish

A-Frame Brewing

Squamish now has a micro brewery for every 5000 people and I wouldn’t be surprised to see another one over the next 18 months by the looks of how packed these tap rooms are.  Squamish only being 45 minutes from both Vancouver and Whistler is the perfect place to stop to let your passengers have a beer weather your coming or going to Whistler.

There’s a few beers here you need to try, or why not just try them all? After all isn’t that what visiting new craft breweries is all about? You never know what beer’s your going to love the most.

A-Frame Story

Opened in December 2016, A-frame’s story started on Okanagan lake.  Jeff’s family’s cabin was the perfect place to tell stories in tribute to life’s memories.  This paved the way for A-Frame as a brewery in Squamish.

Beers at A-Frame:

  • Okanagan Lake Cream Ale
  • Elfin Lakes Belgin Ale
  • Sproat Late Dry Hopped IPA
  • Magic Lake Porter

Open from Wednesday to Sunday and closed Monday and Tuesday, A-frame is that perfect evening hangout or after bike beer.