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Bad Tattoo Brewing Company

Bad Tattoo Brewing Company

Brewery Tour to Bad Tattoo

Penticton British Columbia is home to at least 4 breweries, one of which is the revered Bad Tattoo Brewing Company.  The location that Bad Tattoo owners selected to establish the brewery was a parking lot once, which means that both the brewery and the restaurant were purpose built and are designed to accommodate expansion projects should the need arise.

Bad Tattoo Pizza

The beer labels here are mock ups of some really bad tattoos people get in their lifetimes. Be sure to look at all the labels!

The first thing that confronts you when you approach the brewery is the incredible smell of pizza coming from the restaurant.  The restaurant is well designed and comfy to include covered patio seating that can be enjoyed in the summer months and an indoor bar that serves the amazing beer produced from the brewery.  The restaurant has a long list of an assortment of pizzas on the menu including Gluten Free pizzas for the picky eater.

The beer produced is made with handpicked products and produce, and it does not contain any additives or preservatives.  When the brewery opened, it only served a Golden Ale and an IPA, however, as the demand for the craft beer grew, the brewery introduced a dark lager and stouts in the following weeks. The beer is brewed in a 20 hectoliter brew house, which may be considered small, however, Bad Tattoo can expand if the need arises; the brewery also has an 80T grain silo, which is an indication of the projected growth of this brewery.

With a food primary liquor license, the brewery has continued to grow in popularity, attracting a steady stream of patrons, old and new.  Some of the beers on offer include the ACP Golden Ale, which is created from a mixture of German noble hops and malts, which gives the beer a reminiscent traditional Pilsner flavor. Los Muertos Cerveza Negra is dark colored and is made from a combination of Munich malts, Crystal malts, and Pilsner. The beer is very malty and has a crisp and refreshing taste that is suggestive of German Bock.

Bad Tattoo Beers

The West Coast IPA, on the other hand, is made from a mixture of Pilsner and Crystal malts to produce its brilliant orange like appearance.  This beer has slight hints of tropical fruit and pine.  The Full Sleeve Strong Stout is made with mostly English malts, roasted barley, and chocolate malts, which awards the beer pleasant notes of coffee and chocolate.  The Full Sleeve Stout is a favorite of many new patrons that arrive at Bad Tattoo.  For those that cannot make it to Penticton, Bad Tattoo also standard 560 ml bottles and 355ml aluminum cans that are available in 6 packs.