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Big Rock Urban

A Guided Brewery Tour of Big Rock Urban Brewing

One of the must-stops of any Vancouver brewery tour is the Big Rock Urban Brewery. It is located right in the centre of the Mount Pleasant/Brewery Creek district. It is a full-scale brewery that provides a guided brewery tour and tasting, beer store, and a full-service restaurant.

History of Big Rock Urban Brewery

Big Rock Brewery is based in Alberta. With more than three decades of experience, recipes, and brewers, the company brings a lot to the local Vancouver craft beer scene. One thing that has been consistent with the company is the quality of their products.

 Big Rock Photo Bomb

The company is committed to make craft beer that is not only inspired but also authentically local. While they still use their own recipes, Big Rock Urban Brewery sources all the ingredients within the Mount Pleasant area. The influence of the local culture is not only seen in their craft beers but also in the menu of their restaurant as well. It incorporates some of Vancouver’s food culture that is loved by both locals and visitors alike.

Big Rock Urban Brewery also incorporated the holistic use of beer. In true sustainable fashion, most of the dishes are flavoured using beer, and the spent grain from the production of craft beer is sent away to a miller, where it is turned into flour. The ingredient is then used in several of the items found in the menu.

Guided Brewery Tour of Big Rock Urban

One you enter the Big Rock Urban Brewery, you will immediately notice that it is divided into two sections. The restaurant is found on the left side, while the tasting room with retail beer sales, merchandise, and growler fills are found on the right side. Both sections are spacious and properly planned out

The restaurant area is cosy and inviting. It is dimly lit but not too dark. At the back of the room is a large viewing window that allows people to see the brewery. It stands out from any of the equipment found in the Vancouver brewery map. It is definitely a must-see whenever you come and visit the Brewery Creek.

And when it comes to their craft beers, their products are a welcome addition to the Brewery Creek map. The company has promised to use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Their first locally brewed release as the Hollow Tree Pacific Northwest Red Ale that was sold exclusive in British Columbia. It has a bitter hop profile that also incorporates maltiness in the back.

A brewery tour of Big Rock often takes around 30 minutes and includes a sampling of the beers from Big Rock Urban. Keep in mind that they only run tours every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Group tours can be booked for Monday to Thursday.  Canadian Craft Tours runs tours at Big Rock 7 days a week.  Book your group tour today.

Big Rock Urban