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BNA Brewing

BNA Brewing

BNA Brewing

BNA is one of the excellent brewing companies of Kelowna Breweries that has continued to offer soothing beer brands that cannot be found anywhere else. It is reckoned by fans for its ability to produce crafted and customised beers that are pleasing to many people. With a wide range of thoughtful curate beers, this could be the best place to grab the taste preference that you have been looking for. It has some award winning brands of beer like Okanagan which makes this company to be unique and extra ordinary.  Try the tasting room side or the brew pub side if your hungry, both great choices.


Top Brands that You Can Enjoy


It has some of the wonderful brands that you cannot afford to let go once get a sip of them. One of them is the Unknown brother brand which is made from Okanagan honey making it to have a sweet taste on the toney bet leaving tongue dry after you drink it. Okanagan Breweries pride themselves to present to you the Pancho also known as the Amber Lager which is a hybrid of Mexico and Vienna ingredients. Another brand that has caught the attention of many people is the local native crafted beer brand which is made from the Okanagan Apple. There are so many types of brewed beers available including the latest and the old brews that you can choose so it all depends on what you real prefer.

BNA Beer Flights

Get Served With the Best Dishes


The tree brewing restaurant would be pleased to make you have a taste of the delicious menus that they offer. There are myriad of aromatic dishes that you can order whether you are in a Kelowna Bachelor party or alone. Some of the dishes include smoked pork burn, fish tacos, seafood chowder, and fried cauliflower among many other traditional and modern dishes.


Mobile catering services are also done by the restaurant so, in the event that you would like some meals to be provided, you just need to state the number of people attending, and the venue, and the food would be delivered to you. It could be a party or a Kelowna corporate event, BNA is well equipped to serve you best.

You Can Have Fun


You can book for the happy hour Kelowna brewery tour is packed with full night music and dancing as well as cheap BNA beers. You would also be served with the most delicious menus that will start at a price of $5 which is extremely cheap compared to the normal prices. You can also book for a group dinner in one of the fancy private rooms of the BNA restaurant to ensure that you enjoy a private eating with your loved ones.