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Brass Neck Brewing

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The Vancouver Craft Beer of Brassneck Brewing


Brassneck Brewery is a brewing company located in Main Street that started last October 2, 2013.  It is a small local brewery that comes with a tasting room and a growler shop that is providing their service on the locals of Mount Pleasant and the nearby areas.  The brewing process of the Vancouver craft beer is pretty straightforward.   It is equipped with a compact system that is dedicated in providing their customers with the renowned hospitality of the locals.  Despite of its sheer size, you will be astounded on the amount of fermenters equipped that allows them to brew beer.  They offer a Vancouver brewery tour on their public space that will welcome you at the heart of their brewing process.


Guided Brewery Tour in Brassneck Brewing


The Growler Shop and the Tasting Room of the Brassneck viewing can be accessed from Monday to Friday at 2:00 in the afternoon up to 11:00pm.  The company operates differently every weekend which will start at 12:00 pm up to 11:00 pm.  In case there are any changes on their Vancouver brewery tour, the adjustment will be listed on the official page of the brewing company.  The place does not take any reservation so be sure to plan ahead of time when you wanted to visit the Brewery Creek.  As of the moment, the tours are exclusively being run through the Vancouver Brewery Tours.


Some of the reasons why you should take a visit on this brewing company are their wide selection of craft beer that has been well formulated to give a distinct taste to their customers.  From the Fantasmagoria that gives you a striking sensation and taste that is truly invigorating to the Twinkle Toes that is made from a traditional English Ale that will give you the exquisite combination of yeast, hops, and malt that you will definitely love to taste over and over again.


This brewing company is a tiny fraction in the Brewery Creek Map.  In fact, they do not have a kitchen but all customers will be delighted to know that they can purchase the craft beer on their food-truck that is parked in front.  Customers are allowed to standby in their testing rooms that will allow them to view the process in real time.  No private bookings is offered, the company is committed in giving the public an access to their company 7 days of the week.


The craft beer produced by this Brewery Creek crewing company is a culmination of their years of expertise and their passion of creating the best-tasting beer with the creative inputs coming from their friends. Take a guided brewery tour in the Vancouver brewery map, and you will know why Brassneck Brewing is regarded as one of the best brewing companies in Vancouver.