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Coal Harbour Brewing

The Coal Harbour Brewing Company

The Coal Harbour Brewing Company is located in East Vancouver, very close to two other breweries, Parallel 49 and Storm Brewing.  The company is located in Triumph Street, which is an inconspicuous street characterized by warehouses and big trucks.  Coal Harbour prides itself in producing classic lagers and one of a kind ales. Founded by beverage industry vet, Ken Boparai and led by master brewer Ethan Allured, Coal Harbour was created with the purpose of supplying everyday beers for all kinds of drinkers.

The brewery is relatively small so it focuses on the keg, bottled and canned beverages. The Coal Harbour does not have a tasting room; however, most of the sales are made from their sale of their German styled 311 Helles Lager, which is distributed to various parts of BC via liquor stores. As such, the 311 Lager accounts for a large percentage of the brewery’s production.  Other beers that were on offer when the brewery opened its doors include Vancouver Lager which is a Vienna-style Lager and Triumph which resembles a Cascadian Rye Ale. 

Coal Harbour Team

The Coal Harbour team uses its unique processes to produce their one of a kind beverages. For instance, the Vancouver Lager is produced through a three step process that mixes German Pilsner, Vienna malts, German lager and hops to impart a strong hoppy aroma to the beverage. On the other hand, their Triumph is produced from rye malts, unlike other varieties that are made from traditional barley that awards the beer a spicy and fruity flavor profile.  Lastly, the 311 lagers is created according to the ReinheitsgebotPurity Law of 1516, which means that it only contains German hops, pure malted barley, and water, which produces a clean and crisp taste that has a caramel malt flavor.

Coal Harbour has received recognition from the craft community owing to the awards that they have won as a result of their brews Powel IPA, as well as the smoke and mirrors from various BC beer awards.  Although a tasting room would be a great addition for fans of craft beer and for the establishment, Coal Harbour continues to tweak their existing beers to make them tastier.  The brewing company hopes to come up with new product offerings that can broaden the already successful line of staple beers.

Coal Harbour has had a great impact on the BC craft beer segment and it has helped to make an impact on how craft beer is distributed.  A cold Coal Harbour pint can be purchased from any number of growing establishments situated across Vancouver.