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Costco Booking

Canadian Craft Tours and Costco Canada

Welcome to the Canadian Craft Tours page dedicated to Costco Canada Gift Card customers. Here we'll help answer some FAQs and help you with the booking process.

Gift Card Terms and Conditions:

Click here for more Canadian Craft Tours FAQs.

Questions? Contact us here.

How to book:

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1) Find the tour you want to join and click the 'Book Now!' button.

2) Select your desired date and time.

3) Select the number of seats you wish to reserve (max. 10 per booking) and enter your personal information. (If you have multiple gift cards to redeem they will need to be submitted in separate transactions or you can call us at 1.800.601.9483)

4) Answer the booking questions.

'How did you hear about us?' Select 'Other' and enter the text 'Costco'

'Do you have a voucher?' Select 'No'

5) Click 'Continue' to be taken to the payment information screen. This is where you'll enter your Promo Code found under the scratch off panel on the back of your gift card. Your Promo Code starts with 'CCT'. Be sure to include the dashes.


6) Once you're sure your gift card has been applied enter your credit card info to pay any outstanding balances and click 'Process Booking'. You'll receive an email shortly confirming your tour details.

7) SUCCESS! You're now booked for your Canadian Craft Tour! Leading up to the tour date you'll receive 2 booking reminder emails from They will arrive 3 days and 1 day before your tour. All information on where and when to meet is provided in these emails.

How to book your unused balance for Niagara Wine Tours:

If your initial booking is for less than $100 you'll have a balance remaining on the gift card. If you want to use this unused portion immediately call us at 1.800.601.9483 and we will confirm the amount still remaining and provide you with a new Promo Code. 

If you're ok to wait a little while we'll have a new promo code sent to you within 3 business days.

The booking process is the same for the new Promo Code.