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Cumberland Brewing

Cumberland Brewing

 Cumberland Brewing

Vancouver is known as the craft beer capital of Canada given the wide selection of nano-distilleries coming up. Beer enthusiasts are now being treated to spectacular, and one of a kind tasting craft beer, designed to capture the true essence of the local community. One such set up is Cumberland Brewing. This Vancouver Island brewery aims at producing beers that capture the character and values of the community it is based in. the founders simply wanted to produce quality local beer that could be enjoyed by locals after a day’s work.


Read on to find out more about this craft beer brewery and learn why you should include it in your Vancouver Island breweries tour.

 Cumberland patio



The Cumberland Brewery was established to produce quality craft beer for the surrounding community. It is worth noting that the entire set up, from the idea stage to implementation, only took a year to complete. It is evident that the founders knew exactly what they wanted to start and did everything in their power to get it done as soon as possible. One of the main reasons why you need to visit this Vancouver Island brewery in person is the fact that they do not pack their beers in cans or bottles. Customers and guests at the nano brewery location are served beer in a glass or pint. You simply have to go to Cumberland to enjoy their interesting craft beer offering.




True to the spirit of craft beer, Cumberland Brewing uses grains, hops, yeast, and water. Using a small store as their distillery and outlet; customers are served in the indoor space which accommodates about fifty patrons, or the patio out back that accommodates roughly the same number. From here you can catch great views of the picturesque Cumberland landscape and trails. There is also a pizza place next door also owned by the founders; you can catch a quick bite anywhere before, during or after drinking some beers. 




During your visit to Cumberland Brewing, one of Vancouver’s top nano breweries, you will be able to sample their beer offering. The variety includes 4 core beers and a selection of weekly casks, one-offs and collaborations. Their ever changing selection gives craft beer enthusiasts something to look forward to all the time. To get a better idea of what you can expect to find during your visit, you can check out their Facebook page for a current list of available beers.


Cumberland is known for its numerous hiking and biking trails, and now a cozy and refreshing nano brewery. Take out tour of this Vancouver Island brewery and get to enjoy their interesting beer offering, lean their history and even chat with the founders.