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Guided Brewery Tour in Dockside Brewing


With more than 10 years of offering the sumptuous delicacies and unmatched hospitality in Vancouver, Dockside Brewing is definitely the best in providing the things they do.  In their past few years, thousands of guests have been enamoured by the spectacular dishes and unparalleled settings.  Nestled at the majestic place of Granville Island, this part of the Brewery Creek gives the Dockside Restaurant the premium waterfront view which constitutes the awe-inspiring scenery of the Science World, False Creek Marinas and the towers located at Yaletown.


The Vancouver Brewery Tour in Dockside Brewing


You probably have tasted the various taste of freshness, but nothing can be compared to the fresh taste of delicacies and beers offers by the Dockside Restaurant and Brewing Co.  The company is proud in offering the rich and velvety taste of their craft beer.  A restaurant that is brewing their Vancouver craft beer can be considered as a huge commitment.  Dockside Brewing believes that nothing can be compared when your lips has tasted the freshly brewed beer that they offered.


They take immense pride in their brewing process, and the craft beer that has been well-formulated and crafted will surely satisfy the different beer drinkers.  Regardless if you want take a sip on their beer sampler on their huge selection of their signature beer during the guided brewery tour on Brewery Creek map or you are having it in a tall glass, nothing can beat the freshness and the warm finish of their beers.


Some of their signature craft beer include the Pelican Bay Brown which is a combination of chocolate malt and amber ale that creates a sweet and autumnal taste, Johnston Pilsner which is a gold lager that has a spring-like essence and a brilliant and earthy taste, Jamaican Lager that has a unique aromatic flavour and the Railspur IPA which provides a herbal and zippy taste that is truly revitalising.


During your guided brewery tour, there are also times that you can catch the Cask Night’ of the Dockside Brewing.  It is a regular event wherein the brewers will be allowed to showcase the art of creating a craft beer.  With their unique Cask Brewing, a tiny amount of their huge brew will be placed into a container called Firkins with a heightened amount of yeast that will give a different tasting experience.  The flavours are so dense that creates a distinct taste that you will surely adore.


With their signature dishes combined with their craft beer, the Dockside Restaurant and Brewing Co is definitely a place that you wouldn’t want to miss when you are visiting Brewery Creek.  In case you have any concern about the guided brewery tour in Vancouver, do not forget to ask Canadian Craft Tours about any available slot.