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Driftwood Brewing

Driftwood Brewing


Driftwood breweries stand as the top Victoria craft beer producers owing to their experience and excellent reputation of producing high-quality beer. Through the use of various local ingredients, it has been able to produce hundreds of beer brands that many beer enthusiasts have ended up reckoning. They have core brands and seasonal release beers which beer lovers can choose from to ensure that they enjoy their celebration. In case you would like to have a taste of their beer works, you can visit them and have an onsite made beer drink to taste Vancouver Island Breweries professionalism in beer making.


Driftwood Seasonal Beers

Every beer is well tested and approved to be unique tasting and smelling before it is offered to the people to drink. Authentic seasonal beers can make your vocation one of a kind because of how special they are.


Fat Tug - Driftwood's signature beer


This is a North West India Pale Ale that boosts a high profile blend of hops which makes it delicious and aromatic. It is made from the legendary hop aficionado which is known to make beers soothing and good looking which many people are looking forward to get.  Some of the hops that have been used in its creation include Cascade, Columbus, Centennial and Amarillo as well as Citra.  It is of no doubt the best brand for your Victoria brewery tour.


New Growth


This is a Canadian Pale Ale that is known to be strong and palate entertaining, especially when taken while relaxing. Centennial and Newport hops have been used to create this marvellous beer that its taste command people to have a sip after another. Pilsner and Crystal are among the best Malts that were included in the beer to make it more special.


Farm Hand Saison


This brand is iconic due to the fact that it is made from Hallertauer hops, a known hop that makes beer nice smelling and good tasting. To add to its unique taste, freshly grounded pepper is added to it. The Ardennes yeast is added as well which is from Belgium, and it has been used to make wonderful beers there. This beer is truly a traditional brand that mimics the desire of the drinker to have more and more. It is one of the Victoria craft beer brands that have gone internationally.


Driftwood brewery has many core beers that you can your friends can try, which one ends up being your favorite all depends on your preferences.