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Forbidden Brewing

Forbidden Brewing – The Advantages of Vancouver Island Brewery Tours with CCT

Forbidden Brewing


For an average drinker of beer, what happens inside Vancouver Island breweries continue to remain a mystery? It seems like a place that is introduced in sophisticated commercials where craft beer is produced. On the other hand, on the side of the homebrewer, these distilleries serve as a place of importance where a lot of people are being paid in order to make beer. In order to become knowledgeable, and less ignorant, of the processes inside a Vancouver Island brewery, a brewery tour can be taken into consideration.


What to Expect - Pac-man

Take a moment to visit the pac-man machine and relive your childhood before taking anything but the beer in.

A lot of commercial, as well as craft beer brewers, are more than happy to share what they learn out of their experience in the industry. As such, they offer pieces of wisdom, insight, and philosophy, thus shedding light on the process of brewing. However, even before you go down to a local brewery and look around, you can have a good amount of information beforehand so that when you get there, you already know what to expect.


For example, if you are touring with friends, you can strike up a good brainstorming sessions, together with your friends, coming up with questions which may be answered during the tour. There are some cider houses that offer tours at random intervals if there are enough people who are interested but usually operate on a fixed schedule, with their regular tours.


The best way to get the information you need is by visiting the website of the brewery or even calling in advance before your actual visit. In this way, you can get in touch with the possible tour options, the length of time required, as well as other specific details that may be considered as vital. Bigger breweries are usually offering online booking tours, even though making a simple phone call can also give you that chance to get a tour at these wineries and distilleries.


It is also as important to know some other details first before going. This can include familiarising yourself with the history, products, as well as philosophy of the Vancouver Island brewery that you are planning to visit. You may also want to learn about craft beer as you read online. This can spark some amazing ideas since tour guides, and actual brewers usually appreciate a tour group that is well-informed.


Indeed, visiting these Vancouver Island breweries will give you one amazing experience that you will definitely enjoy. This experience will also further make you love craft beer, as you know fully understand what goes in behind the processes involved within these facilities. As such, you do not only learn but also appreciate the production of your favourite beverage.