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Four Winds

Four Winds Brewing Company

Four Winds

Four Winds Brewing Company is situated in the most unlikely places; the surrounding area is spotted by rustic warehouses and industrial strip malls.  Since Four Winds was opened back in 2012 under the capable and skilled hands of  Brent Mills, Four Winds has proceeded to consolidate a reputation for itself as a world class producer of excellent craft beers that have garnered a few awards over the years.   

Four Winds History

The brewery was co-founded by a group of family members, like many other breweries in the BC area, consisting of Brent Mills, his father Greg and his older brothers Adam and Sean.  The Delta BC based brewery is a small establishment that concentrates on producing German, West Coast and Belgian-styled beers that are made with innovative production techniques while still staying true to the old- world brewing systems.

The brewery has a magnificently decorated tasting room that is decorated with teal wallpaper that has symbols of hops, barley, and yeast.  The walls are characterized by several paintings from famous Vancouver artists such as Andy Dixon, who is also responsible for the company’s branding.   

Four Winds Beers

When Four Winds first opened, it started with the production of standard beers such as Saison, which was the first beer that was ever brewed, Oat Porter, Pale Ale, IPA, and Pilsner.  Soon after the brewery became popular with patrons and beer enthusiasts and experts alike, Four Wings started spinning out experimental brews such as  Their ‘Eurus’ series, which was named after the Greek leader of the East Winds.

This series features beers that have been bottle conditioned and are made using high-quality ingredients such as local honey and elderflower.  Alternatively, another experimental brew series, the Zephyrus’ series is more hops forward like other West Coast beers and includes beers such as the Juxtapose which is made with wild yeast, as well as the Phaedra, which is a Belgian-style IPA that is made using both wheat and rye.

Four Winds Awards

Four Winds has managed to win awards at several beer awards in the BC area.  Thanks to their incorporation of wild yeast and a range of other unique ingredients, it has managed to win a string awards that has helped to boost the brewery’s popularity with audiences further.  Aside from catering to the wide craft beer market, Four Winds has also taken measures to cater to vegetarian beer drinkers.  For instance, the Saison, Berliner Weisse, and all the beers included in the Eurus series including Triplicity, Sovereign Saison Wildflower Saison, Operis, and Nectarous can be consumed by vegetarian patrons.