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Gladstone Brewing Co

The Craft Beer Gladstone Brewing Co

 Gladstone Brewing Co.

Nestled in a one-time mechanic shop, the Gladstone Brewing Co is the definition of the traditional brewing of the Vancouver Island Breweries.  Its tasting room is adorned with various parts of car and memorabilia that fully embraces its heritage.  During their initial run, they were only capable of accommodating the customers of their tasting room as well as some of the local restaurants.  Nowadays, this is one of the prime cider houses that offer some of the premium aged lagers in Victoria.  People can also take a trip and enjoy the different things that they have to offer through a Vancouver Island Brewery tour.

 Gladstone Flight

The Gladstone Brewing Co of Vancouver Island Breweries


Gladstone can still be considered as relatively new in the industry of making craft lager.  They went into business last 2015, but the people behind this have long been working in the brewing industry in Vancouver.  You may take a sip of their craft beer while you are on their patio.  During your tour, you will get to enjoy a 4 oz sample of their unique beverages.   They also offer growler fills and full-draught service.


You may bring your family and friends when you take the Vancouver Island brewery tour.  You may even take the kids with you and let them watch how the process of brewing takes place.  It is a fun and education trip for the kids while you are having a drink of the best tasting craft beer that Gladstone Brewing Co can offer.  You may also enjoy the food service that they provide you may take a bite at the sumptuous dishes offered at the restaurant connected with their brewery.  You may also do it the traditional way by bringing a picnic basket and have a worthy conversation with your friends at the patio while drowning on the aromatic essence of their barrel-aged beer.


Some of the recommended craft beer in the Gladstone Brewing Co includes the IPA, porter and the Belgian single that provides that chocolaty and velvety flavour.  The name of the company was derived from Gladstone Avenue that is situated in Victoria where the owners used to live.  It is also the place where Daniel Sharratt started experimenting in his home brewing.  They decided to name the place Gladstone Brewing as an honour to their humble beginnings.


The place truly strives hard in providing the guests and their local customers with excellent products that is offered in casual yet welcoming atmosphere.   This place has gone a long way since they began last 2015, it can now be considered as the melting point of the local community, collaboration, and activity.  It is a fun place where you will get to experience the relaxed and comfortable life of the locals together with the invigorating taste of their craft beer.