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Highway 97 Brewing Company

Highway 97 Brewing Company

As the craft beer industry continues to grow exponentially in the BC regions, the town of Penticton is also joining the craft beer mania that has enveloped many provinces in Canada. Highway 97 Brewing Company was named after the most iconic highway in British Columbia.  The owners of the brewery selected the name because they wanted to represent the vibrancy of the region and to emphasize the importance of the Highway to the local population.

Located in the Okanagan Valley, Highway 97 is the fourth brewery of its kind to open up in the city of Penticton. The brewery can be found easily in a newly renovated facility at the 954 Eckhardt Ave West. Highway 97 describes itself as a small brewery that concentrates on producing small batches of high-quality beer using all natural fresh ingredients.  The small batches are small so as to ensure and maintain the premium quality of the beer.

Highway 97 Beer Production

Production of the beer occurs at the 2100 square foot facility. When the brewery opened, Highway 97 produced different varieties of beer such as Highway 97 Premium Craft Pilsner, Highway 97 Amber Ale, Highway 97 Red IPA, Highway 97 Peated Scotch Ale, Highway 97 Pale Ale, and the Highway 97 Winter Blonde. 

The beers are typically served on tap and are also made available to the public through local government stores and local restaurants and pubs. Beers can also be enjoyed at the tasting room, which also features a small retail section for merchandise and goods such as t-shirts and caps.  The tasting bar is a full draught service that supplies customers with available sleeves containing their favorite beers as well as pints. Growler fills and refills can also be carried out in the tasting room.

Highway 97 Ingredients

Highway 97 only uses premium ingredients that consist of local products including hops from Naramata as well as grains sourced from the North Okanagan region. The majority of the batches created are made using BC hops, western Canada malted grains and BC water. Ultimately, Highway 97 takes every care possible to ensure that all the ingredients are sourced from Western Canada and of course, various BC provinces.

The Highway 97 facility is extremely inviting and is also appropriate for a family experience that involves allowing the children to tag along. Highway 97 does not have a fully functioning kitchen and only serves light snacks that pair beautifully with the fresh beer that is produced.  From the Highway 97 brewery, you can also enjoy the surrounding scenery and landscape.