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Lighthouse Brewing

Lighthouse Brewing


Craft beer has definitely changed how people experience drinking this age-old beverage. Over the years, drinkers have been provided with a remarkable offering of top-notch craft beers that make drinking far more enjoyable. One of the main reasons why craft beer has grown in popularity is the production of impressive brands by craft brewing companies such as Lighthouse Brewing. As one of the top Vancouver Island breweries, Lighthouse produces craft beer with a passion and dedication to enhance the experience for their customers.


It is worthwhile for you to include this established craft beer company in your Victoria brewery tour to get a closer look at exactly how quality beer is produced.


History of Lighthouse Brewery


Lighthouse brewery is almost two decades old, having been started back in 1998. The brewery was established to provide Victoria craft beer enthusiasts with a high-quality alternative as compared to the rather dull offering of tradition beers. In the course of this journey, the brewery was able to spur demand for their passionately crafted beers. Starting out as a small operation producing a few kegs to be transported to the surrounding restaurants and pubs, the brewery has grown to great heights to date. They have grown their offering to include several brands of craft beer packed in kegs, cans, and bottles.




To achieve this exceptional growth while still staying true to their roots, and initial goal of producing high-quality craft beer; the founders put together a tight and passionate team of brewers. To produce their highly popular Victoria craft beer, they stick to the old German beer purity law that beer should only be made using water, hops, malt and yeast; while adding passion to complete the list in their own style. The crew attributes its dedication to their love for beer.




As you take a tour of their facility during the Victoria brewery tour, you will learn that their first beer was the Race Rocks Ale. This Scottish-style amber is brewed using hops, UK malts, and their very own proprietary yeast. First delivered in kegs, the beer is now available in cans and bottles. Their other beer is named the Keeper’s Stout. This Irish-style stout is bound to bring your taste buds alive with notes of chocolate and robust espresso included.


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