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Luppolo Brewing Company

Luppolo Brewing Company

Luppolo Brewing | Yeast Van East VancouverWith every new Craft Brewery opening in Vancouver, we expand our beer culture a further.  Luppolo add's to the unique feel that makes the Craft Breweries in Vancouver worth exploring.   Luppolo, the name is Italian for Hops. Perfectly suiting that their double IPA lives up to the name (Oh and it's Awesome).

Located in Yeast Van, East Vancouver down the street from Off the Rail & Strathcona you have another great brewery to try out along the bicycle superhighway.

Much like our friends at Category 12 in Victoria, the owner Ryan built the tasting room himself.  You can always tell when the owners get involved because there is more emphisis on making the space usable and nothing is left to chance.  

Part of the unique feel is that from every seat in the house you can see into the brewery and feel like part of the brewing action.

Luppolo Barrels

Like every good brewery, there's a good story here.  It sounds a little like this.  "We all love beer and good people, we should open a brewery".  Almost 18 months later, here it is.  Luppolo Brewing Company.

Beers to try at Luppolo Brewing Company:

Oops did I just name all of them?:

  • Robust Porter
  • Fresh Hop Belgian IPA
  • Saison
  • Pale Ale
  • Mild
  • West Coast Farmhouse
  • Double IPA
  • New World Stout
  • Dunkelweizen