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Luppolo Brewing Company

Luppolo Brewing Company

Luppolo Brewing | Yeast Van East VancouverWith every new Craft Brewery opening in Vancouver, we expand our beer culture a further.  Luppolo add's to the unique feel that makes the Craft Breweries in Vancouver worth exploring.   Luppolo, the name is Italian for Hops. Perfectly suiting that their double IPA lives up to the name (Oh and it's Awesome).

Located in Yeast Van, East Vancouver down the street from Off the Rail & Strathcona you have another great brewery to try out along the bicycle superhighway.

Much like our friends at Category 12 in Victoria, the owner Ryan built the tasting room himself.  You can always tell when the owners get involved because there is more emphisis on making the space usable and nothing is left to chance.  

Part of the unique feel is that from every seat in the house you can see into the brewery and feel like part of the brewing action.

Luppolo Barrels

Like every good brewery, there's a good story here.  It sounds a little like this.  "We all love beer and good people, we should open a brewery".  Almost 18 months later, here it is.  Luppolo Brewing Company.

Luppolo Brewing

Because of the prevalence of craft breweries in Vancouver, the idea of opening a new brewery in one of the most knowledgeable craft beer markets in all of BC might be considered a little crazy by many.  As such, if a brewery is unable to wow the discriminating drinkers of Vancouver, there are dozens more breweries that can cater to them and their thirst. The fact that Luppolo Brewing has managed to impress the locals speaks volumes about their beautiful beer and their masterful brewing techniques. 

Luppolo is the new kid on the block, having opened right in the middle of East Van enclosed by a few other veteran breweries. Located at 1123 Venables St. Luppolo has managed to attract a steady stream of loyal customer since its opening in late 2016. Although it is surrounded by at least five other breweries, its location is perfect and the beer is unbelievable. 

Luppolo describes itself as an Italian themed brewery that is owned and operated by a pair of couples, Eleanor Stewart and Ryan Parfitt (who is also the head brewer) and Anique Ross and Federico (Fede) Stucchi. Luppolo, which means hops in Italian, offers a broad variety of classic as well as experimental beer. The tasting room at Luppolo has the capacity to seat at least 70 people thanks to the available 4,800 square feet.

Most of the beers are consumed at the tasting lounge because it is still a lounge based craft brewery, which means that they will not start bottling or canning for some time.  However, the room does have a retail component because people can get their growlers filled conveniently on-site. 

On arrival, customers can be sure that they will find at least seven beers on tap including Saison, West Coast Farmhouse, New World Sour, Mild, Dunkleweizen, and IPA.  Luppolo offers beer by the taster or glass and the flights come in beautifully crafted holders. Although most of the taps typically feature the flagship beers, a couple of taps are usually reserved for experimental or pilot brews, which is always a nice treat for everyone.

Luppolo serves food on site, which has Italian influences. The food on offer is simple and high quality with the menu consisting of yummy Italian charcuterie, focaccia, Italian flatbread sandwiches, and cheese.   Although Luppollo is not capable of canning or bottling at the moment, the brewery has plans to expand into kegs that can be consumed at local restaurants and bars.

Beers to try at Luppolo Brewing Company:

Oops did I just name all of them?:

  • Robust Porter
  • Fresh Hop Belgian IPA
  • Saison
  • Pale Ale
  • Mild
  • West Coast Farmhouse
  • Double IPA
  • New World Stout
  • Dunkelweizen