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Main Street Brewing

Main Street Brewing

Main Street Brewing

One of the main attractions in Vancouver is the craft beer, and Brewery creek pulls in thousands of people very year. This is why most breweries have a guided brewery tour. While in the past people came to the province for the mild climate and the unique geography, now most beer enthusiasts come for events like the Vancouver Craft Beer Week and the BC Beer Awards.


With craft beer taking off in Vancouver, we are seeing dozens of new breweries opening up every year. This includes breweries that are sisters to other well-known craft beer makes, which is the case with Main Street Brewing.

Main street Brewing just off Main Street

Main Street Brewing is not actually on Main Street, but it is just tucked into 7th Avenue, which is less than a block away from Main Street. Main Street Brewing was opened in 2014.

Main Street Brewing has its own dedicated following. Like many other craft beer breweries, there is a large range of beers on tap at one time. There are also seasonal beers that are only available during specific times of the year, like their holiday beers.


The tasting room of Main Street Brewing is designed to be a very relaxed, welcoming space. You can order tasters if you are not sure what type of beers that you will enjoy. You can also buy their craft beer in the tasting room. You will have to pick from what is on tap at the time or on their shelves. Since different beers are available at different times of the year, you should check their website to see what is on tap at that time. This is especially true if you want to buy the holiday craft beer, as it is only available for a short time.


Main Street Brewing is a must stop on any Vancouver brewery tour.  The brewery’s location makes it easy to find because it is situated just off Main Street on 7th Avenue. It is also easy to find on a brewery creek map as there are other craft beer stops nearby. You will also need to take a guided brewery tour to see the inside of the brewery because most of the time they do not allow the public in this area.