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Moody Ales

Moody Ales

Moody Ales Taps

Up just a little further west on Murray Street, you will find one of the few craft breweries on the street known as Moody Ales. This microbrewery was opened in late summer in 2014.  The brewery prides itself on producing craft quality, flavorful and balanced beers for everyday drinking. The brewery was founded by Adam Crandall and Dan Helmer, who left their successful jobs at an IT consulting firm after Adam, an avid brewer, visited the Portland brewing festival and convinced his friend to join him in the exciting venture. With a couple of years after the plan, the duo secured a location and begun the construction of Moody Ales. 

The Initial Name

Initially, the duo wanted to name their company Rocky Point; however, they had to come up with a different name after the BC registry office notified them of a similar company bearing the same name.  At Moody Ales, the tasting room has one seasonal beer and six taps with five beers available all through the year.  All the beers created here are made from the duo’s home recipes and consist of the Smouldering Smoked Porter, bottle off-sales, Lusty Chocolate Oatmeal Stout, Chipper Blonde Ale, Affable IPA and the Hardy Brown Ale. Because the craft beer boom has taken the region by storm, the clientele at Moody Ales is made up primarily of craft beer enthusiasts, regular locals and new fans that are curious to try out the unique watering hole.

Moody's Brewing System

Helmer creates the beers with a 10 barrel system and a small 115-liter pilot system. The brewery is designed in a way that allows the founding duo to meet the anticipated demand of some of the flagship beers. They have taken time out to perfect and expand the production processes while still making sure that the number of beers on offer is sufficient enough to enable them to still produce small batches of experimental and seasonal beers.  Although most of the clientele enjoy their beer at the tasting room, Moody ales still bottles its beers in growlers and bottles available at its storefront or from local private liquor stores.  The tasting room also has casks and kegs that enable the brewery to gauge demand.

According to both Adam Crandall and Dan Helmer Moody Ales was created with the vision of educating the locals about beer and craft beer since most beer drinkers do not have an understanding of beer flavors and profiles.  So far, the brewery has been a success in the area, and it has plans and hopes to expand soon.

Moody Ales