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Parallel 49

Parallel 49

Parallel 49 Flights

Parallel 49 is one of the largest and most successful brewing companies in Vancouver.  Not only does the brewery have the capacity to produce a yearly output of 20,000 hectolitres, but it also now produces Cask Brewing Systems micro-canning gear, as well as aluminum cans from its original focus of kegs and bottles. This impressive brewery was established by a group of partners comprising of Anthony Frustagli, Michael Tod, Nick Paladino, Scott Venema and Mike Sleeman in 2012. The brewery was named after the 49th Parallel, which refers to Canada’s longtime southern border with the USA.  The five partners chose the name because they also wanted to appeal to customers on both sides of the border.

Parallel 49 Neighbourhood

The primary purpose of establishing the brewery was to introduce the region to craft beer as a whole as well as to create outstanding and out of this world beverages.  As such, they started out creating four types of beers namely a hop-heavy Indian Pale Lager with 50 bittering units, Gypsy Tears, which is also a red ale that is currently Parallel 49’flagship brand, Hoparazzi, which is made from a mixture of Indian Pale Ale and lager and a brown ale known as Old Boy. 

Parallel 49 Patio

The tasting room is very well designed and has an industrial East Vancouver feel and vibe.  The interior has an infusion bar where different varieties can be infused to make something special and unique that can only be found here.  The tasting bar also has a merchandising area that is filled with the scores of awards that Parallel 49 has won over the years. Some of the other beers available at the tasting room are the Tricycle, The N2 Milk Stout, which was part of the Nitro series, as well as the Filthy Dirty.

You need to check out their new tasting room.  It has a street food feel that has a food truck in the middle of the room and is the kitchen!  With over 20 beers on tap you'll love it.   If it's sunny you'll be in for a treat as every seat feels like your on the patio.

The 16,000 square foot brewery is fitted with six fermented tanks that have a capacity of 5,000 liters. The brewery has done a lot to invest in bottling and canning lines, which has helped the brewery to maintain its success.  Aside from selling at the tasting room, Parallel 49 also sells its products to local restaurants.

When it comes to coming up with new recipes, the partners are not afraid to experiment and go to places that scare other brewers. For instance, their brew of pumpkin beer is one of a kind, and is only available in autumn, when Canadians seem to have an affinity to pumpkins while the Russian imperial stout is matured in oak whiskey casks for 10 months before being served.

Parallel 49 Tasting Room