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Parkside Brewery

The Parkside Brewery

The Parkside Brewery

Port Moody has become the new craft beer haven. Joining the ranks of other microbreweries in the area is the Parkside Brewing Company, which recently opened its glass-paned garage door last year on June 8.  So far, Parkside is the fourth brewery of its kind to camp along the Murray Street, which is also known as Brewers’ Row.   Parkside was the brainchild of beer industry veterans Vern Lambourne and Sam Payne. The opening of Parkside has helped to completely cement the waning industrial area’s reputation as the brewery district. Parkside is situated across the street from Rocky Point Park, which is also between two other craft breweries.

The roster of beers is made up of three sample beers, mainly a strong but bitter IPA, a smooth and balanced Pale Ale and a classic yet delicious Pilsner, which accommodates the palettes of most BC craft beer enthusiasts. The brewery also offers Witbier and Spiced Wheat Beer seasonally.  Aside from the high-quality beer, the tasting room of the brewery is also well designed and has a contemporary feel that sets it apart from the other three microbreweries in the vicinity.

The tasting room is huge enough to accommodate a crowd of patrons, 110 people to be exact, and is made up of park benches, bar stools and a long line of tables.  From the snooker table and the interior of the brewery that has a retro feel to the shuffleboard table, vintage arcade games, and the self-serve fridge, everything is well thought out and cohesive.

Parkside Beers

The breweries’ main beer brands include Parkside Dusk Pale Ale 5.3%, Parkside Season, which rotates every three months, Parkside Dawn Pilsner 4.9% and Parkside Graffiti I.P.A 6.9%.  Parkside also has the capacity to serve cider on tap, as well as the white and red wine on tap.  In addition to all the beers on offer, the founding duo also features cask beers daily as well as exclusive one-off products. The availability of the beers that are on offer daily depends on the demand for each variety and the supply, however,  Parkside always make sure to have at least four or five types each day at all times.

If you get a chance to try their anniversary tropical milkshake ISA, you'll want to pickup a 4 pack or a growler fill.  There are more than a few you need to try here, why not try a couple different flights?

Aside from serving their beers on location at the brewery, Parkside also collaborates with other craft brewers in the area. Parkside has been featured in several guest taps at other breweries, and it also rotates a variety of styles from the duo’s favourite breweries in B.C.  Aside from supporting local microbreweries in the area with the supply and demand issues that most breweries face, Parkside also supports local farmers and food truck owners; food trucks can be parked on sire and edibles from locals are offered in-house.