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R & B Brewing | Brewery Creek Vancouver

R&B Brewing | Group Brewery Tours Vancouver

R & B Brewing

Vancouver craft beer is one of the most common reasons why people visit the area, and the craft beer scene is still going strong there. Most of the visitors to the area visit Brewery Creek as to try the beers and stop at the many breweries.

R&B Brewing is one of the oldest Vancouver craft beer breweries. They opened their doors in 1997. However, unlike many of the older craft beer breweries, R & B Brewing is always making new beers that are unique, by using local ingredients.

R&B beer line

R & B Brewing was founded to create high quality craft beer. This goal has continued to this day, as the R & B Brewing staff works long and hard to make sure that all the beers that make it to the tap are high quality.

If you are looking to try the craft beer made by R and B brewing, there is an Ale and Pizza house on site. There is always a new craft beer on tap. The location’s design is welcoming and warm and uses local materials to bring in the amazing environment of British Columbia inside. There are local events held here, and live music from time to time. The menu changes with the season, as they use many local ingredients. The menu will also change depending on the beers that are on tap.

R&B Brewing Growler fill station

The Ale and Pizza house is an 800 SQ Ft Space, which is attached to the R and B working brewery. However, you would never know that on the other side of the wall are tanks making craft beer. The dining area is welcoming and casual, compared to the cold looking brewing machines that are in the room located next door.

R&B Brewing Brewery Tour

You can only see R and B’s brewing area if you take a guided brewery tour because, like most other breweries, the brewing room is not open to the public. A guided brewery tour is a great way to find out how craft beer is made, and what beers will be available in the near future.

R&B Growler area

There are 11 taps in the Ale and Pizza house, with R and B’s core line-up always on tap. There is a guest tap, which features a craft beer from another local brewing company. They will also feature their seasonal beers in the open taps.

If you visit the Brewery Creek area of Vancouver, you should plan to visit R & B Brewing. They are one of the oldest craft beer breweries still open today. They just added a new growler station that is open from 11 am and 11 pm every day. If you would like more information about R &B Brewing, you should check out their website.

R&B Brewery Tour